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Libby’s Hope Foundation has been serving a 17 month old baby girl, Lily, who is being treated at OHSU Doernbecher for a rare and aggressive form of pediatric brain cancer called Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT). The tumor was found in early November through an MRI when Lily could no longer hold a toy in her hand. The neurosurgeon was successful in removing about 95% of Lily’s tumor. Since that time, this brave little girl has undergone five additional surgeries and a very complex chemotherapy regimen. For a child this young, she requires hospitalization while she undergoes her chemotherapy regimens of which there are five cycles. The family is required to stay in the hospital when Lily undergoes each cycle. No doubt, this puts the family through a great financial and emotional strain.

In a recent update from Lily’s mom, she reported that Lily is doing well and is a very resilient child. She is still undergoing chemotherapy but is learning new things every day, especially new words! Lily’s family has said the grant and support they received is invaluable. They would like to continue to bring awareness to this type of cancer with hopes of one day finding a cure. 

Libby’s Hope Foundation supports someone who is battling an impossible disease like brain cancer. To date, they have awarded five $2,500.00 grants to diagnosed people. Four of the five of those grants went to people all under the age of 23. One of our grant recipients was a 17 year old girl who was battling the same disease, called a glioblastoma, which Libby, whom the foundation is named after, passed away from at age 35. When her family applied for a grant on her behalf, they made it known that she had a ‘bucket list’ which is something a 17 year old girl should never have to think about. She, and her family, knew that her brain cancer likely would not let her see her young adulthood and tragically, they were right. Recently this brave young girl passed away. 

Your support matters deeply in the hearts and the minds of the people and families who Libby’s Hope Foundation disperses grants to. Each gift from the foundation puts gas in the car, pays for an out-of-pocket-maximum or purchases a plane ticket to a clinical trial. The money gives a glimmer of hope and kindness in an otherwise devastating situation. 

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