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As a result of the funding from Salem Foundation, our Eastwood Branch was able to remodel and outfit our new “Salem Foundation Club Tech Room” with the purchase of 5 state-of-the-art Dell laptop computers. Thanks to the initial support from Salem Foundation, we were able to leverage additional matching grant funding which provided new bench seating with padded cushions and counter tops were also installed.

The room was decorated in a tropical theme accented with an underwater theme with tiki huts, umbrellas, and ocean decorations, and each laptop was given a different “ocean-type” name. Club Tech is utilized every day we are open and we serve approximately 60-70 different youth each week. Over 90-95% of our members do not have a computer at home and 99% do not have Internet service, so the Club computers are maximized daily and the digital divide is being closed for youth who would normally not have any access to computers or the Internet.

Teens use the computer for homework help, research, typing term papers and reports. Younger members also use the computer for research, skill building, learning how to type with Sponge Bob Typing, learning how to mix music with the Super Duper Music Looper and processing digital photography with the help of Photo Tech.

Our past Youth of the Year, Yanira, did not excel in math during her sophomore year. Now, in her senior year, she is having to redo a math class to help improve her GPA for college. Along with taking a math class at school, she also has had to take an online math course. If it weren’t for the Club, she would have not been able to take the online course. Every day after school, Yanira comes to the Club to use the Internet to access her online course and is now on her way to meeting college eligibility requirements and improving her GPA.

Thank you Salem Foundation!

Boys & Girls Club of Salem

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