End of Year Giving

Over the course of 2021, the Salem Foundation received an outpouring of support from the community, and we are excited looking forward to 2022.

Highly involved donor advisors and generous individuals have given much to The Salem Foundation, which has helped our neighbors in all forms and fashions. From supporting those without homes in finding a stable place to live and thrive, to the new amphitheater arches at Riverfront Park, to helping refugees find a safe place to stay, The Salem Foundation has been hard at work getting your funds into the community. Of course, this has only been possible through your support.

Looking forward to 2022, The Salem Foundation is excited to continue making Salem a healthier, happier place for all. We couldn’t do it without funding from people like you.

To continue the work of The Salem Foundation, you may make a donation here: Donation Page

From the Salem Foundation, have a wonderful new year and a great 2022!

Donate here: Donation Page

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